I’ve occasionally ran into problems where a Windows Update, usually a feature update or cumulative update, fails to install and throws error 0x80242006: Much of the time this error is caused by an update that is already downloaded but is only partial or has become corrupt, and Windows still attempts to install it without re-downloading […]

Since the release of Windows 10, there have been a few new challenges arise when capturing and applying images.  One issue I experienced is images hanging on a “Just a moment…” screen for anywhere from 15 minutes to over an hour: I use SCCM 2012 MDT task sequences for majority of my images, and while […]

I found myself in a situation recently where I was working in a Windows environment and needed to locate the SYSTEM user’s home directory.  This can be useful to know for a variety of reasons.  For example when working with SCCM, SYSTEM is the account that is used when installing applications for all users using […]

I have sometimes found myself in situations where I need to edit the Windows registry of an OS that I am not booted from (maybe the operating system won’t boot/is corrupted/needs to be changed without being booted to).  It is possible to load up OS registry hives from any environment that can run Regedit, such […]

Obtaining the administrators from a remote computer can be tricky, especially if you are connected to a large Active Directory domain.  Many solutions I’ve seen for this end up looping through all the users on the entire domain.  My environment has nearly a quarter million AD users, so that’s just not feasible. Scripting the following […]

Microsoft makes deploying Visual C++ fairly easy with their plethora of redistributables, but sometimes it can be difficult to detect if a particular Visual C++ version is installed. Below are the MSI Product codes that relate to each release.  This information is particularly helpful when using deployment software such as SCCM. Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable […]

I was recently in need of getting a Windows operating system and bit version from command line.  I needed to store this data into variables that I could reference later in a batch script. In Windows CMD, it’s not so straightforward to store or pipe the results of a command into into a variable.  For […]