Mac OS X “Connect to Server” Favorite Servers File Location

Finder includes the Connect to Server option that is useful for a variety of things.  Connections can be added to a Favorite Servers list by clicking the plus button which then remembers connection paths:


The paths added to Favorite Servers are actually stored within a file located at: ~/Library/Application Support/

NOTE: .SFL files are binary plist files that are frequently used in Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan and above.  This file may be different or not exist on older versions of macOS.

With this file, we can import it into another user profile or extract the data directly.

To Extract the Favorite Servers Data

Open up the file with a powerful text editor like TextWrangler or BBEdit (TextEdit won’t work).

The data may seem a bit convoluted, but any Favorite Servers that were stored will be within a set of <string> </string> tags:


To Import the File into Another Profile

Copy the file to the same path within a new user profile.  If copying to a different username, the ownership of the file may need to be changed:

  1. Right-click the file in the new location and select Get Info
  2. Under Sharing & Permissions, click the Lock icon to unlock (enter credentials if needed)
  3. Click the Plus icon to add the new user’s account and set the privilege drop-down to Read & Write
  4. With the new user highlighted, click the Gear icon and select Make user the owner
  5. Relaunch Finder (if needed)


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