Use Quser To View Which Accounts Are Logged In & Remoted In to a Computer

When restarting a Windows server or computer, you may receive a warning message that other users are still using the computer:


So how can you find out who this “someone else” is?

Quser (query user) is a built-in Windows command line tool that is particularly useful when needing to identify active user sessions on a computer.  This feature exists in regular Windows versions as well as Windows Server.

From command prompt, simply type:



Quser will return the following information:

> Denotes the current session
USERNAME Logon name of the user
SESSIONNAME rdp = Remote desktop/terminal services login session
console = Direct login session
ID Session ID
STATE active = Active session
disc = Disconnected session (inactive)
IDLE TIME Minutes since last keystroke or mouse movement
LOGON TIME Date and time the user logged on

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