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Use PowerShell to Remotely Rename Active Directory Computers

If you have your machines bound to an Active Directory domain, renaming computers is a snap thanks to the awesome power of PowerShell. Renaming One Computer Use the following command to remotely rename a computer: Rename-Computer -ComputerName <OldName> -NewName <NewName> -DomainCredential <Domain\Username> Some other useful switches: -Force Forces the command to run without asking for […]

The Difference Between Active Directory lastLogon and lastoLogonTimeStamp Attributes

Active Directory records two properties that store the last logon time: lastLogonTimeStamp The lastLogonTimeStamp attribute is updated sporadically and is therefore only accurate to about 14 days.  This data is replicated to all DNS servers.  This is particularly useful for finding dormant accounts that haven’t been used in months. lastLogon The lastLogon attribute is updated at […]