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Force Mac OS X Login Screen to Show Username & Password Fields From User List View

The Mac OS X login screen can be customized in System Preferences under Users & Groups > Login Options.  One of the options here allows for the login screen to display either a list of users or a name and a password field.  When set to a list of users, all available accounts will be […]

Mac OS X “Connect to Server” Favorite Servers File Location

Finder includes the Connect to Server option that is useful for a variety of things.  Connections can be added to a Favorite Servers list by clicking the plus button which then remembers connection paths: The paths added to Favorite Servers are actually stored within a file located at: ~/Library/Application Support/ NOTE: .SFL files are binary plist […]

Fix Adobe Creative Cloud Missing Apps Tab

The organization I work with recently switched our license agreement with Adobe to one which allows our users to have individual Adobe Enterprise accounts.  Overall this has been a great change for us, but as a result we’ve ran into an issue where some users that previously had the Adobe Create Cloud desktop application are […]

Connect To Server With Different Username On Mac OS X

When using the Go -> Connect To Server option in Mac OS X, your computer account credentials may automatically be used to authenticate to the server.  I’ve seen this to be particularly true when a user is logging in to their Mac via Active Directory credentials and they are attempting to connect to a server that is […]

Fix Mac OS X Prompting for a Password When Deleting Files/Folders

There will certainly be a variety of reasons that OS X will prompt for user credentials when attempting to send files to the trash, but one reason I see more frequently than others is the result of moving files from one OS X home directory to another. Mac OS X uses Access Control Lists (ACLs) to manage file access.  Each home directory has its own […]