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Use PowerShell to List Local Administrators on a Remote Computer

Obtaining the administrators from a remote computer can be tricky, even if you are connected to a large Active Directory domain.  Many solutions I’ve seen end up looping through all the users on the entire domain.  My environment has nearly a quarter million AD users, so that’s just not feasible. Scripting the following four PowerShell […]

Use PowerShell to Remotely Rename Active Directory Computers

If you have your machines bound to an Active Directory domain, renaming computers is a snap thanks to the awesome power of PowerShell. Renaming One Computer Use the following command to remotely rename a computer: Rename-Computer -ComputerName <OldName> -NewName <NewName> -DomainCredential <Domain\Username> Some other useful switches: -Force Forces the command to run without asking for […]

Bypass Execution Policy When Running PowerShell Scripts

PowerShell scripts are slowly creeping in as the new standard to replace older batch and VB scripts.  PowerShell is extremely powerful and is therefore advantageous in both SCCM applications and packages that I am required to create. Using PowerShell scripts does present a slight problem: Windows computers are, by default, not set to allow PowerShell scripts to run.  There is […]

Fix Windows 10 Start Menu Not Opening or Search Not Working

I’ve seen quite a few issues with Windows 10’s new Start Menu, but by far the most common problems brought to my attention are the Start Menu simply will not open or the search function will not work.  Of course Microsoft’s “go-to” fix is to complete Windows Updates, but rarely in my experience has that resolved any […]